Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Final PLN

Screen shot of P L N using Symbaloo

This is screenshot of my PLN. I used Symbaloo to create it. It has everything I need posted on it so I can access the websites quickly and easily. I have on my PLN Gmail, South Alabama, Facebook, Google, USA Online, Blogger, Charter, Twitter, Regions, Skype, Audacity, EDM310, and the ALEX websites. These are the sites that I visit most often. I use all of the listed websites regularly for my personal and educational experience. My PLN will never be finished because I believe that I will keep learning in order to better myself and my students. I think my intellectual journey has been wonderful. I have learned so much and so many different tools I can use to further my learning and my future students learning. I have learned more than what I thought was even out there. This class has given me such insight on how to teach my students and the many different things I can do in my classroom to teach my children through technology. The progress I have made with my PLN is so great and I am so proud of myself. I plan to keep expanding my PLN throughout the years and making my learning and teaching experience more enjoyable.

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