Friday, November 19, 2010

Blog Assignment #13


ALEX stands for Alabama Learning Exchange. Before this assignment I have heard ALEX mentioned once or twice. I did not know what it meant or what it does, however I had heard the term before. The ALEX website is designed for aspiring teachers and current educators. It is a great website because it  has lesson plans posted for all subjects and for all teachers to see. The lesson plans are all led by the guidelines of ALCOS (Alabama Course of Study) as well which is important because as a teacher you already know that the lesson already meets the states standards. There are links on this website that go to podcasts, a personal workspace, and professional learning websites. Teachers are also able to make their own lesson plans with ALEX and other teachers can view them as well. 

I really enjoyed viewing this website. I am so happy that I know that something like this exists! It will be very helpful for me when I am an educator. I will enjoy seeing what other teachers are doing and the lessons they are teaching. I am interested to see the creativity as well. I am also excited to share my work and lessons with other educators as well. I think it is important to share ideas to better our students education. It will also be extremely helpful because all of the lessons presented follow the Alabama Course of Study which is necessary. I will no longer have to search through websites and find lesson that do no meet my schools or state requirements. It is such a great resource and I will absolutely utilize this website in my teaching career.


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