Tuesday, November 30, 2010

C4T #4 Summary

Ms. Jenny She is a primary school teacher in New Zealand. She created this blog to record her experiences, reflection, learning, sharing, and any other things that matter to her career as a teacher.

We had the Dragon Dance at the Cultural Festivals at our School {September 26, 2010}

In this blog post by Ms. She, she discusses the dragon dance her students did for their schools cultural festival. She and Helen Squires put the idea together. In the performance her students did  a traditional dragon dance, kung fu, and umbrella dancing for the schools culture festival. Ms. She's students are very talented. Ms. She has a video of her students participating in the culture festival.

We Should Listen to the Kids
{July 7, 2010}

This post by Jenny She was great. It was about teachers or adults always being in charge and always being right. The post also discusses how teachers and adults can learn from students. For example, in this post Mrs. She talks about when she was a first year teacher she had no idea how to use a Mac. She was very embarrassed and didn't want her colleagues to know so she asked a grade 6 student to help her use the mouse. This is a great example of how teachers and adults can learn from children. Even if it is as simple has how to use a computer mouse. Mrs. She also posted a video of a child giving a presentation about adults and teachers listening to children advice. This video was fantastic and makes adults want to give children more credit. The over all message of this post and this video is to LISTEN TO THE CHILDREN! Simple as that. It is to listen and learn from children and they will listen and learn from you.


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