Tuesday, November 30, 2010

C4K Summary #8-#11

C4K #8- "Mahana's Super Cool Animation of Her Pirate Ship!" This post is an animated movie of Mahana's pirate ship she created. The ship moves across the blue water as a clapping sound effect occurs. It really brings life to the ship! It was a very cute video.

C4K #9- "Today I read Snakes During Reading Class". This came from a fourth grade class and they call themselves the Shooting Starts. This post was a few questions that the class put together to ask about snakes after reading about them in class. The questions were

Why did people think snakes had powers?
Why did people kill snakes?
Why did snakes eat their prey before killing their prey?
Why did some snakes live underground?

I think it was great the child came up with their own question to ask about what they learned that day.

C4K #10- "Flat Arjun Leaves Home". Flat Arjun (like Flat Stanley) is leaving Westford, MA and headed to India. He is ready for some fun! This post was by Arjun and he is sending him flat self to India. I think this project is great and I will incorporate this in my classroom one day.

C4K #11- "Walk Two Moons". This was a post by a student named Clare. She wrote a short sentance about a book her friend suggested her to read, "Walk Two Moons". She heard it is a great book and is excited to start reading the book. I commented and told Clare how important and fun reading is and that I hope she enjoys the book!

Special Assignment Yasmine- "The Best Recess in History!". This post by Yasmine was really cute and enjoyable to read. She talks about how she had the best recess ever because she and her friends were doing gymnastics on the playground. Her and a friend did a really cool trick together and all of her classmates were clapping and cheering them on. She felt as if she was flying and wanted everyone to see. She exclaims that this was the best recess in history!

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