Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blog Assignment 12

Blog Assignment 12 DUE 11/14

Read this article 'Teacher Expectations Raise Student Achievement' about teacher expectations and student achievement

Also watch this video 'Expectations: The Self-fulfilling Prophecy' about teacher expectations

After reading the article and watching the short video, write a short summary of each. Once you have done so, then express your thoughts on the topic. This is an important topic for aspiring teachers so it is important you understand it.

Teacher Expectations Raise Student Achievement
The Article "Teacher Expectations Raise Student Achievement" discusses the importance of expectation in all areas of teaching. The article says that if you expect your students to fail and behave badly, that is the result you will most likely get. If you expect your students to do excellent work and behave properly, that is also the result you will most likely get. You must have the right attitude about learning and teaching in order to have your students achieve. The overall message of this article is if you have high expectations, your students will have higher achievements. If you have low expectations, the students will only achieve what you expect of them. I think this article is important for aspiring educators to read. I think it is important to understand the your expectations you set for your children will determine the outcome of their work and what they achieve. When I am an educator I will set my expectations and my students will be able to greatly achieve.

Expectations: The Self-fulfilling Prophecy

This video is a discussion about the effect of teacher expectations. The video explains how important it is to have high and helpful expectations for students. The woman narrating this video says something that I really like, she says "Students tend to live up to the expectations that their teachers set for them". I believe this quote one hundred percent. As a teacher if you set your standards high, your students will reach those standards. If you keep your standards low, they will give you what you expect. It gives an example of a teacher telling a student that they were expecting a D from them and that is what the student got. This remark does not help the student, it only hurts. The teacher didn't say the student was stupid but the implication was clear. Teachers and parents should both have high expectations for children. I think this video is important because it stresses the importance of having high expectations. In my opinion teacher expectations and student achievement go hand in hand. It is important to set high standards for our children for them to succeed.

Teacher helping students


  1. Interesting. Your links should be buttons.

  2. Leigh, I agree that what ever you expect from a child that is what you get. This was a great article! Always give your children high expectations and you will not be sorry.

    I love this video! It hit the nail on the head! People just does not realize how words can effect a child and you must always be positive toward children.