Sunday, November 21, 2010

Additional Assignment #5

Colored pencils

Tom Johnson's Adventures in Pencil Integration

I really enjoyed reading all of Mr. Spencers posts. They all related to education very well and made me think about when I will be a teacher.

The first post I read was Just Teach Them to Solve for X. I really enjoyed this post, I actually chose to comment on this post. I loved the metaphor technique used in this post. The post was about the problems he was facing from using metaphors to teach. I think it will be very helpful for students to learn, in fact I may use this in my classroom one day if it is necessary.

I then read The Medium Shapes the Learning. This post was about keeping the students engaged in the material and in learning. I think this is very important becuase if your students are interested and engaged in the learning process, the more they will learn and take away from the experience. If you can remember one thing as a teacher, it should be to keep your students engaged.

The post Sketch Portraits was very interesting as well. It was about describing the pencil as many different things. It is important to recognize that students will change from day to day or year to year and it is the teachers job to adjust to these changes and still make sure that the student learns just the same. 

The last post I read was He Just Likes the Class For the Pencils. This post is about having a healthy relationship with your students. You want you students to look up to you and trust you as a role model. It is important to let students know you care about them and want to help them. If they see that you care, they will care in return.

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