Friday, August 27, 2010

Blog Assignment 1

My name is Leigh Setser and I am 20 years old. I am a junior at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL. I moved to Mobile in August of 2008 to start my freshman year. When I first began college I was a nursing major. I took some general ed. classes and a few nursing. After two semesters of that I realized that nursing was not for me. I thought to myself I always wanted to be an elementary teacher but never thought it was for me. After pushing those thoughts aside I changed my major to elementary education and could not be happier! This is my fourth semester of education classes and I love every bit of it! I want to teach kindergarten or first grade when I finish my teaching degree. I love working with the younger children. They are always so anxious to learn and they absolutely love their teacher and the class.

I am originally from Chicago, Illinois where I was born in 1990. I lived there for five years and then my mother, father, younger brother, and I moved to St. Louis, Missouri when my mom's job got transferred there. I have lived in St. Louis until I moved to Mobile in 2008. In the summmer of 2009 I lived in Destin, Florida where most of my family lives. (My family in Destin is what brought me to my decision to attend the University of South Alabama!) Since the school year started back up last fall (2009) I have lived in Mobile and I am now an Alabama resident. I plan to move to Georgia when I graduate and work there as an elementary teacher.

I absolutely love my family and friends. They mean everything to me. My mom and dad are great and they are still happily married. I have a younger brother, James, who is 18 years old and just started his freshman year of college at the community college near my home in St. Louis. James and I are very close and it is difficult being away from him. We also have a family dog named Coco. Our lives revolve around her! She is a miniature pinscher and she is 5 years old. I miss her and my family everyday.

I love hanging out with my friends doing almost anything. I love to shop and be social. I am always surrounded by people and I am rarely alone. (I love it that way!) I am always doing something and never stop. I am a very busy person and like it that way :)

Leigh Setser's Family

Leigh and Stuart

Leigh and Stuart