Tuesday, October 26, 2010

C4T #3 Summary

Teacher: Wesley Fryer

Smartphone Activations, iPad Sales and Vision for Transformed Learning

Mr. Fryer begings his post by telling you that Apple has 300,00 apps in the app store. That is a lot of apps! He askes the question if the teachers are moving their curriculum into an online, blended model. I would say that about half of my teachers are moving their curriculum this way.  He also goes on to discuss a topic that was discussed in article about the use of the iPad in education and in business. The exerpt from the article says they are seeing a significant usage of the iPad in education and surprsingly in business as well. Executors all the way to nurses and doctors are using iPads in their fields. Mr. Fryer also explains that the iPad is a hit and more and more people will learn and start using iPads. (As a matter of fact, Mr. Fryer posted this blog post with his iPad!) I like when he says that if you or your school has not embraced this the blended model of learning then you are already behind. This reminds me of Dr. Strange becuase he enforces this in the class as well. It is important to form a blended curriculum and act together in support of this vision.

Digital Storytelling and Writing with the Story Arc and Freytag's Pyramid

Mr. Fryer is discussing and showing different examples of stroy arcs, also known as dramatic structures. Story Arc's show the story in parts of rising action, climax, falling action, and so on. We all remember our teachers drawing these on the boards in elementary school to help illustrate the different parts  of a story. He shows different pictures of different examples:

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