Thursday, September 9, 2010

C4T #1 Summary

Solid On The How, Stuggling With The What 8/02/10

Paula White is a teacher and she has incorporated many things, including technology, to help her students learn. She is very big on using technology with her students which I believe is very important. Her students have created wikis and most of her students are very passionate about their technologic learning experience. Paula is struggling with learning objectives for her students to work with wikis. She is asking for advice if she should let the children have total rule over their wikis or should she have some sort of outline for them. She wants to expand their outlook of the world and is asking for ideas from other people and teachers. I personally think she is doing a great job with her lessons with her students. She talks about how passionate and excited her students are about their wikis. It also sounds like to me that she knows how to work with technology for a better learning environment for her students. I feel as if Ms. White's post was really helpful to me seeing how important technology with students is and how it can also be very effective if you know how to use the technology.

Once Upon A Time, I Was That NEWBIE 9/04/10

I was really interested in reading this post when I read the title because in just a couple of years we will all be the "newbies". Paula White shares her story as her first year as a teacher. She did not even begin the school year on the first day. She was hired on the tenth day of school and the other veteran teachers gave her class some of their students. Paula goes on to explain her experience as a first year teacher of the fourth grade. As a couple of weeks go by she comes to realize that the veteran teachers have given her the children with behavior problems, no parent involvement, and other things of that nature. She says the veterans probably got together and knew which children they were going to send to her class. Paula says it is her most memorable class of her teaching years. She talks about how she learned with them and how they helped teach her. She learned a lot about being a teacher from this particular group of students and she thinks about them all of the time. She even has had the privilage of teaching these former students children. She loves hearing about where her former students are and what they are doing. She is still so enthusiastic about her classes and credits her first class to helping her become a better teacher. She ends her post with saying she knows this still goes on and she just hopes for the new teachers that they will get their fair shake :) I really enjoyed reading this post because it made me understand that it is not always going to be easy, but no matter how hard it is you will succeed and benefit from any unplanned situation.

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