Sunday, September 26, 2010

C4K #1 and #2 Summary

Children Holding Hands

I read the About Me and Manifesto of an 8th grader at Noel School. This 14 year old boys name was McCoy. In McCoy's About Me post he talks about his siblings and how family is important to him. I commented on his post telling him how my family is very important to me as well. McCoy likes sports and his favorites are basketball, baseball, and volleyball. He talks about math and how he learns a lot from it. I let him know that I am taking math class now and it is a lot of learning for me too. McCoy enjoys making people laugh and is easy to get along with. McCoy is a hard working student and has a bright future ahead of him! In McCoy's Manifesto post he talks about what he is going to do this school year in order to be a better student. He says he will get a good night sleep before school so he can focus better in class. He says if he doesn't focus he will miss out on learning. McCoy is very smart for saying this, it shows great maturity to me. He says he will raise his hand to talk and turn in his homework on time. McCoy promises to be respectful and ask questions when he does not understand something. He says he will be friends with a new student and help them out as well. McCoy's manifesto shows how mature he is and how he will be successful. I let him know that I thought he had great ideas and knew exactly what it will take to be successful in class. He is definitely on the right track! Check out his blog!
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