Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Additional Assignment #1

Google Squared: This search engine can be very useful for gathering some information. I like this search engine for if you need to see your information organized in a table. It is very easy to follow and understand because of the row and column formation. Google Squared is a good tool to search something such as populations, like Dr. Strange did in the video. It is useful if you need to see several pieces of information about one or more particular subjects. For example, I searched the state populations of Missouri, Georgia, and Alabama and it organized all the information about all three states in an awesome chart.

WolframAlpha: For me personally, I did not feel this search engine would be as useful as Google Squared. I feel this search engine would be useful if you wanted to know some basic information (such as date of birth, full name, and things like that) about people, places, or things. Between Google Squared and WolframAlpha I definitely think Google Squared would be more beneficial for my personal learning but WolframAlpha would help in different instances.

I had never heard of Google Squared or WolframAlpha before this assignment. It was really interesting to learn about these two search engines. I honestly probably would have never learned about these two search engines before taking this course.

After re-reading my comments on the Did You Know? video my thoughts and ideas are somewhat altered. While viewing the video and reading the facts and statistics I knew that the numbers would be different depending on the circumstances. I understood that India and China have a higher population than the United States so I knew the numbers would be higher as well. However, Dr. Strange's comments have just made me think more in depth. Actually seeing and comparing the numbers between India, China, and the United States made me realize how much difference there is between the population numbers. I actually could not believe it when Dr. Strange said in his video that India is four times larger than the United States and China is four times larger than the United States. I knew India and China were larger but seeing and hearing the numbers was crazy!

Pitcairn Islands
Pitcairn Island Map

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