Sunday, September 26, 2010

Blog Assignment 6

People holding hands in circle surrounding the word You

A 7th Graders Personal Learning Enviornment

I watched this video about a 7th grade girls PLN. I was extremely impressed and I feel as if I learned some new things. I also like what she had done and I got a few new ideas for my PLN. It is so crazy that these young kids can do all of these things with technology. Seeing this kind of work by a 7th grader really inspires me and makes me want to do all of these things in my classroom when I am a teacher. The kids will learn so much from doing these things and it will help with organization skills. It is really cool that all of her things for school and for play are all in the same place and all easy to get access to. I am just so impressed and cannot wait to learn more!

The Networked Student

I wasn't sure what to expect when this video first began. I thought it was really creative with the cartoon character paper people. It was a nice visual aid and helped show you exactly what was going on. I like how the narrator of the video described everything and related it to the 21st century. It is so important that we realize we are a part of this age of technology and need to take part in it. We need to be sure we are learning and keeping up with technology in education.

This video was great for explaining how and what can be used in technology and learning. It was a brief overview of all of the things that are out there that can be used to learn. A lot of things can be learned without a classroom and pencil and paper. I think that is the coolest part about technology and learning. I liked learning that there are lectures on iTunes from professors from some of the top universities in the country. It is cool to know that you can learn from some of the best professors from the best universities from your iPod. It is actually unbelievable. There really is so much I am learning and have yet to learn!

I believe I am on my way to being prepared to teach a networked student. I want to use technology in my classroom in so many different ways. Depending on the grade I teach will be using the technology and tools that are appropriate for their age. I still have a lot of learning to do but I cannot wait to do so! By the time I finish my journey to becoming a teacher I will be prepared to teach a networked student! When I am a teacher I will also keep learning to keep up with the newest technology and teach my kids!

The Machine Is Changing Us

This video was really interesting and I feel as if it made me think about some things in my generation. I really like Mr. Wesch's explanation of the meaning of words throughout different decades, specifically 'whatever'. The use of 'whatever' really made me think and laugh at the same time. I know that I say 'whatever' all the time. I say it when I am mad or pushing something off but never for what it really means.  I enjoyed the examples of the use of the word 'meh' in The Simpon's clips. I feel as if in the twenty years I have been living different words have meant different things and language changes as time goes on. I know in another ten years there will be new expressions and new words that were meant for something else in today's world. I enjoyed watching the segment about YouTube. YouTube is such an interesting website and you can do so many things with it. I like it when Mr. Wesch explains that when you are Twittering, YouTubing, Facebooking, and Blogging that you are not talking to the people, you are talking to a web cam or typing on a keyboard to a screen. You don't know who you are talking to or when so it is interesting that we network these ways. It really makes me think when I am using all of these networking tools, that I have no idea who I am talking to and who is "looking" at me. I really enjoyed this video and I learned a lot. It also made me think about a lot of things. We are all connected!!


  1. The 7th grader I also found extremly impressive. I loved her organization and motivation. As bad as this may sound I find a networked student mildly intimidating in some ways and exciting as others. I just fear the arrogance but a self motivated student will be amazing. What grade are you hoping to teach? I also found The Machine is Changing Us video very interesting. Especially the evolution of whatever.

  2. I find a networked student a bit intimidating as well!! I am hoping to teach kindergarten or first grade so they probably won't be as networked as the older students will be, but I am excited to find out!!

  3. "The Machine Is Changing Us" was my favorite video this week. I also never thought about the different words we use. For example, the word "like". We use "like" no matter what the topic may be. Teachers and students abuse this word. This was a great post!

  4. Another fantastic post Leigh!

    This 7th grader is impressive. Kids today do intuitively know technology but I think it is all a part of the natural progression of things. We are all a part of the evolutionary process of education. Today we have new tools and so we use them to provide students the best education we can. Tomorrow the tools will be new again and we want you to be ready to go with the flow and have the right attitude to continue learning and keep your students on the cutting edge of what will give them the best opportunities to succeed.

    Still an awesome blog! Keep up the good work. SS